Recommended airline.

Recommended airline. Airline is my favorite airline for me! Although it may be an airline that mostly only people living in Hokkaido do not know. The good part here is a price anyway! I am cheaper than anywhere and I am going to Tokyo. I thought that this airline was good at Hokkaido when I debuted. I wonder if it is now ANA series? Still, it 's unchanged that I can go to Tokyo cheaply. I'm happy I can not go beyond here to go to Tokyo There are no miles like any other airline. But, as cheap covers that, it's okay before this, I had the opportunity to go with my grandmother to Tokyo. Even then I used Air Duo. It was Air Dow that senior charge was cheap! My grandma also made me happy. It was everyday. Thank you Mr. Airdu. From now on please send us a pleasant air travel with cheap price setting
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